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veggyTERRACE organic terrace farming

apartments with large unused terraces can grow veggies 100% organically, veggyBARREL’s are a big help.
Currently available in selected cities in India. Please call to know more.


gobbaraGAADI door to door composting

restaurants and smaller apartments that are producing ~50 Kg/day of wet organic waste can now manage their solid waste.
Currently available in selected cities in India. Please call to know more.


SANITR onsite composting

For communities choosing not to buy but to outsource the composting part of their solid waste management program.
Currently available in select cities in India. Please call to know more.

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Natural composters fare far better than heater type Fryer’s in resource recovery!

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To understand what good compost is like, it is important to know about Humus. Humus is the soil glue that determines whether our rivers run muddy or crystal clear, whether dust storms strip us from the soil again. Humus is the storage system for three incredibly important substances, Carbon, Water & Minerals that impact soil,

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Sewage recycle & reuse should be the beginning of all “Water Crisis” conversations

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A good sewage treatment plant can recycle wastewater and make it as good as fresh lake or river water. rejuWATER™ STP is one such sewage treatment plant that gives out good quality, reusable treated water consistently. Unique features being, uses sunlight and soil runs without electricity. removes Nitrogen and Phosphorous very efficiently. adds high levels

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rite-ways helped us clean our garbage and our guilt. Turned our waste-cost to waste-earnings!

Samrat Deka

( Director )

Many thanks, for your kind advice.

Saurabh Kumar, IFS (retd.)

( formerly Ambassador of India to the UN & other International Organisations in Vienna;Austria;Ireland & Vietnam )

It has been a positive experience working with riteways.

Gouri Ramakrishnan

( Director )

Good service satisfied with the product. Thank you.

Vijay Chhugani

( Director )

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