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Nature delivers potable water to doorsteps, it’s called RAIN !
Sun & Soil clean and preserve it in lakes & rivers for reuse, call it WASTEWATER recycling !
Water is in ABUNDANCE, we just need to change our ways…

rejuWATER™ Sewage Treatment Plant | designed with Sun & Soil

rejuvenated water is what we are trying to say by rejuWATER™.
Meaning, clean the wastewater to an extent that it can hold life again. Marine life depends on dissolved Oxygen in water & sewage is starving of Oxygen.

When sewage mixes with fresh water, it pulls out all the dissolved Oxygen from it killing marine life. This isn’t good for anybody, it pollutes and water becomes unfit for consumption both for animals & humans.

Sewage Treatment Plants in their current form are more a headache than a good solution,
– High capital expenditure.
– Need continuous power supply.
– High maintenance.
– Power hogging.
– High running cost.
– Skilled manpower required.

Only an experienced operator can deliver good quality water consistently from an electromechanical STP, for all others, it’s like taming a WILD HORSE! This is one reason, why even after spending so much money many of them prefer to drain out STP water than reuse it. What one needs to realise is that it’s not just draining out STP water, it is actually bleeding MONEY!

rejuWATER™ is an interesting solution…



  • it mimics nature, works on bioconversion through Photosynthesis using Sun light.
  • uses Soil BioFiltration, where someone’s waste becomes other’s food.


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