aqaRITE Flocculant

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Herbal | 100% organic, eco-friendly  & safe liquid


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Algae is a green coloured, slimy growth along walls & floor surfaces of the pond, pool, fountain etc. The artificial water bodies created for aesthetic improvement can not have Algal growth. Algae is not desired as it changes the colour of water and produces foul odour.

aqaRITE™ eliminates Algae and keeps water clear and fresh for a longer time. Derived from Herbal source, it is 100% organic & safe.


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In an STP/ETP process, Suspended Solids (also measured as TSS – Total Suspended Solids) in wastewater get removed in the Pressurized Sand Filter (PSF) and the Activated Carbon Filter (ACF). MAny a times, due to fluctuations in the STP/ETP operating parameters, the TSS entering the PSF & ACF are exceptionally high, this can choke up the filters very fast leading to high cleaning cost & replacement of filter media.

Adding aqaRITE™ CGF at the pre feed / filter feed tank will settle the suspended solids, thereby reducing load on filters.


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