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Made from recycled containers,

TALLBOY™ Bio Bins produce ready to use compost that can be used directly without mixing in soil. Compost out of TALLBOY™ Bio Bins is fully digested, rich brown in colour and smells like Humus from forrest land.

Works well with pulverized waste and bacteRITE™ Bioculam.

Waste from riteways pulveriser is distributed equally in to all the TALLBOY™ Bio Bins.
bacteRITE™ breaks down the pulverised waste quickly. The high rate of digestion is due to the the bacterial & fungal strains that have high digestion rate of hard to digest

Completely aerobic digestion is achieved in two ways:

  1. Due to aeration pockets and the natural draft system in TALLBOY™ Bio Bins that allows the digestables to breathe all the time. The air exchange allows abundant Oxygen supplies to the aerobic microbial strains. This allows for complete and quick digestion with out any foul smell.
  2. bacteRITE™ contains facultative microbes that shift any anaerobic activity to
  • No electricity required
  • No Foul Smell
  • No Flies/Pest infestation
  • Can be placed out doors






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