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TALLBOY™ OWC: Organic Waste Converter installed at NDK Kalyana Mandira, Indiranagar – Bangalore

NDK is a charity organization that has been renting out its convention centre – NDK Kalyana Mandira to fund their charity programs since 1978. Mainly rented out for Hindu Marriages, this facility is in high demand through out the marriage season, bookings are done one year in advance.

During events there is heavy organic waste generation. Prior to installing TALLBOY™ OWC composting system at the premises, this waste was being sent out. NDK was looking out for a fool proof system that could produce compost hygienically and also cope up with the fluctuating loads.

For us this was a challenging case, as they had earlier bought a composting system from a supplier which had failed.

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They have a good segregation system and only segregated organic waste comes to composting yard. Canteen waste, left over food and floral decoration is the main input.

As seen in picture on left the waste also contains good amount of coconut shells. TALLBOY™ OWC can handle egg shells, bones and coconut shells making it the only organic waste converter in India to be able to grind these.Apart from the above they also have a few trees contributing to organic waste.

For first fifteen days, incoming waste was mixed with our bacteRITE™ composting bioculam. Now the system runs with the freshly prepared compost as the absorbent. Since, daily output of fully digested compost is rich in bacteria, NDK do not need to buy any bioculam from us for their ongoing composting. The system has been running successfully in self sustaining mode.



ndk process

NDK Process:

Incoming waste mixed with some portion of freshly harvested compost is fed in to the hopper of riteways Pulveriser for fine grinding. Pulverised output from the bottom crate of Pulveriser is equally distributed in to all TALLBOY™ digesters from the top and fresh compost is harvested from the bottom. Harvested compost is stored for use/distribution/sale.

Texture, Smell and feel of compost from NDK is so good that it gives us a feeling of Mastery over Compost making…


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