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CSR initiative – Leitz Tooling Systems India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Leitz has a big roof and was unused. Management at Leitz wanted to use the roof to grow vegetables and distribute them to employees. Challenge was how to grow in sufficient quantity to be able to distribute to all employees. After a thorough analysis and comparison over other systems riteways veggyBARREL™ EOTG (edible organic terrace gardening) system was selected for first round of evaluation with 10 units.

growRITE™ proprietary soil from riteways which is an integral part of veggyBARREL™ was also to be evaluated, hence it was decided that out of 10 units, 5 of them would be with compost provided by Leitz and the remaining 5 with growRITE™ potting soil from riteways.


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10 veggyBARREL™ units were set up on rooftop as seen in the picture on left.  The row next to railing was filled with growRITE™ potting soil from ritways and the other row of five units was filled with compost supplied by Leitz.

Saplings of selected vegetables were used as the planting media. All veggyBARREL™ units were under same operating conditions. To study performance under severe condition, rain protection was avoided.





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This picture shows veggyBARREL™ filled with growRITE™ potting soil. Watering is done through drip coil which runs through the units and waters all the pockets along the sides. Central pipe is used to feed the nutrients as and when required. Side pockets perform twin function, one to grow plant and second to aerate the soil mass.

growRITE™ soil is made from organic ingredients and is made to suit almost all the common variety of vegetables consumed in Indian homes. It has the right macro & micro nutrients, rich in biomass and loose texture. Also, growRITE™ is provided with rich micro flora consisting of unique bacterial & fungal strains, that create the magic in veggyBARREL™.

Each veggyBARREL™ supports 150 to 200 plants – not an easy task!



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After a few days,

The row next to railing filled with growRITE™ has taller plants on top. All veggyBARREL™ units have growth and are performing as expected. Plants were healthy and no disease was observed in any unit.






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This picture shows clearly the difference.

First round of trial has been successful. It was demonstrated that veggyBARREL can produce many times more than any flat surface model of growing and that veggyBARREL™ EOTG has the potential to deliver the results, that Management at LEITZ want.






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“I must say it has been a positive experience working with Rite-ways in setting up this project.It has been a good learning experience for us with this novel method of vertical gardening. We hope to work with you closely and effectively to take this forward in the right direction”.
Gouri Ramakrishnan | Director | Leitz Tooling Systems India Pvt Ltd





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