CSR adoption

Over past two decades, riteways has mastered the art of composting and wastewater treatment. We need corporate assistance to distribute the compost generated from urban household wet waste, free of cost to needy farmers.

Weather change & Monsoon failures is hitting farmers – REAL HARD. Our rejuWATER™ sewage treatment modules can be easily deployed in a decentralized manner to assist treated water supply to farm lands even when there’s shortage of water.

veggyBARREL® growing system with growRITE® soil nutrition is a unique concept to grow food with hardly any labour, very less water and completely organically. This unique concept can be deployed in villages under water stress and exiting youth population. We need corporate assistance to deploy this methodology in highly stressed rural areas.

Whatever may be the political chatter on lake cleanup, very little seems to be happening, Talk is cheap!
EM.1 mudball events have been very successful steps taken in many southeast Asian countries to help establish healthy micro-biome in lakes. After several such repetitive events the lake develops its own rejuvenating strength.
These events can be a great branding exercise and a huge step forward to unite people.
We are looking for corporate patrons to organize such events regularly.

Available for adoption by corporate through CSR,

  • free compost distribution to farmers
  • EM.1 mudball event involving schools & neighbouring community for Lake cleanup
  • green thumb fests for distribution of free saplings
  • veggyTERRACE organic terrace gardening – employee benefit scheme





Our way of caring for the environment is by doing environment clean up & conservation and we are glad to invite you to join us.