do it riteways

do it riteways

“If money is based on functional eco-systems future will be beautiful, if money continues to be based on production and consumption of goods & services we will turn everything in to a desert”.  – John Di Liu

Today’s way of life has degraded soils & ecological systems and this state can only lead to cycle of poverty and ecological destruction. This path can only lead us to continue to be poor and pass this poverty from one generation to the next generation.

If we get on a process of restoration, the next generations will have much better lives, they will be able to participate in a much richer social life, they will have different cultural changes, they will have increased wealth, they will have better diet and healthcare and educational opportunities, everything will be different.

“Current emissions is not going to save the day, if we were to cut emissions tomorrow morning by a 100%, in 200 years time the levels of Co2 in the atmosphere will drop down to the levels that we had in 1975 which unfortunately is still too warm”.  – Graeme Sait


do it riteways 2

Someone needs to tell someone at some point that 5.5 deg temperature rise is considered beyond the levels of human adaptablility, we have seen in 1 deg at this point and we have seen massive change associated with that, we have seen the hottest January in this region in recorded history, we have seen the worst drought in Newzealand, we have seen the coldest March in recorded history and that’s just the start. Basically, 2 deg is not double 1 deg this is something that’s exponential, we don’t even know what 2 deg is gonna look like.

There is something that you could do.


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