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Do we know in today’s world, where’s our food coming from, how’s it produced and what’s being added to it?



Your current gardening practice,
– may be labour intensive
– difficult for seniors.
– could be slow.
– and possibly, water wasting.



The food we are currently consuming contains just 20% of the nutrition found in the food consumed by our grand parents. Humus in our growRITE™ soil improves the nutritional value of the food that we grow through our veggyBARREL™

Introducing, Edible OTG service.


riteways, brings to your doorstep a high volume 100% organic vegetable production system along with our expertise, to enable your community, enjoy fresh and healthy vegetables grown in front of your eyes.

veggyBARREL™ is an edible gardening solution for growing a portion of your own food.

Our veggyBARREL™ system has been rigorously tested by ourselves, by members of our community, as well as by several master gardeners.

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Sandeepa Kanitkar

November 26, 2016at 2:59 pm

I would like more info to implement this in my terrace garden

Preeti maheshwari

July 6, 2017at 3:46 am

Hi rite ways would like more details on edible otg, compost makers, Stp. I am based in Aligarh Uttar pradesh and into proliferating awareness on segregation and composting in my city also being given the honour and resposibilty as brand ambassdor Swachh bharat Mission Aligarh.I have recently started my company Prithvi Shakti which is into awareness model/ community and household composting solutions and manufactuing of cost effective composting units.
Looking forward for bringing riteway in my region.my contact 9759934300

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