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The food we are currently consuming contains just 20% of the nutrition found in the food consumed by our grand parents.


veggyBARREL_edible_gardening from riteways on Vimeo.


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Traditional gardening,

– labor intensive
– difficult for seniors
– slow & less productive
– water wasting

If you are a green thumb struggling with traditional gardening methods and would like to grow a portion of your own food, our veggyBARREL™ can be a breakthrough edible gardening solution. Thanks to its innovative efficient design and ease of use.

veggyBARREL™ grows food significantly faster than the conventional gardening because it provides plant roots steady access to nutrient rich water. Height enables gardeners to stand up or sit, which means that veggyBARREL™ is perfect for seniors and those with physical handicap.

veggyBARREL™ grows 100% nutrition


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Concrete spaces,

where it is impossible to grow anything can now look at growing food on balconies, sidewalks and rooftops.




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  • is a unique edible gardening solution mimicking the natural forest ecosystem.
  • offers the ability to grow in abundance
  • produces fresh and 100% organic food
  • Enables growing food in hot & cold climates





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jose rajesh

December 21, 2015at 3:45 pm

Very intersting

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