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We need to look out for the people who are doing the right thing.

The decomposition of organic matter results in Humus and composting leads to Humus. Humus is made by micro-organisms and is the home base in which these microorganisms (incredible creatures) live.

Soils tests show that those farmers practicing conventional chemical agriculture are loosing Humus on a yearly basis. Those that are practicing biological Organic farming are building Humus on yearly basis. We need to look out for the people who are doing the right thing. We need to pay the farmers carbon credits, who are increasing the soil humus.

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Humus is the soil glue that prevents soil erosion. Humus is the storage system for three incredibly important substances, Carbon, Water & Minerals and this trio has most impact on soil, plant, animal, human & planetary health. When we build Humus in the soil, we reclaim Carbon from the atmosphere, we increase the health of soil life, of plants and the animals. The kitchen waste needs to be kept away from mixing in to garbage. Current practice of dumping everything in to landfills needs to stop, landfills generate Methane which is 23 times more harmful than Co2.

A 1% increase in organic matter (Humus) means that soil can hold 1,70,000 litres of water per hectare it could not previously hold. Humus is our greatest water management tool. The food we are currently consuming contains just 20% of the nutrition found in the food consumed by our grand parents, we build the humus, we build the nutrient density and we build the health of everyone of us.


Applications of Compost:

  • Landscape mulch
  • Turf establishment/renovation
  • Upgrading marginal soils
  • Blended topsoil
  • Vegetable production
  • Soil mulch for erosion control
















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suresh kumar

April 6, 2016at 3:06 pm

Hi. I am more interested in growrite composite farming. I am having a small farm of 2 acres located near Nelamangala, off Mangalore highway. could you send some of your expertise to see & what you can do to develop this. This farm is purely my retired life & will be settling permanently soon.

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