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Current agricultural practices & excessive grazing has degraded soils & ecological systems.

Our soils today, need more & more organic matter, more & more biomass to produce the needed bio diversity in the soils. Biomass (compost/Humus) feeds the Soil and the Soil feeds us. Compare the soil in farmland to the one in forest. Soil from farm has been feeding us without being fed, but the one in forest is being continually fed by Humus (decomposed biomass from dropping leaf litter, animal dung etc..)

Soil quality is how well soil does what we want it to do. In order to grow our crops, we want the soil to hold water and nutrients like a sponge where they are readily available for plant roots to take them up, suppress pests and weeds that may attack our plants, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, and clean the water that flows through it into rivers, lakes, and aquifers.


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100% Organic

growRITE™ is deep, fine-textured, moist, free-draining, loamy and highly fertile. These properties best enable plant roots to take up nutrients, water and oxygen, and get enough support for rapid growth. It supplies the nutrients required for optimum plant growth, and is good for growing food. Some plants need certain nutrients in large amounts, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are called macronutrients. Other nutrients, like boron and manganese, plants only need in very small amounts. In growRITE™ soil, nutrients are available at rates high enough to supply plant needs, but low enough that excess nutrients are not leached into groundwater.

Key features of growRITE™ potting soil:

  • Sufficient, but not excessive, nutrient supply
  • Good soil drainage
  • Large population of beneficial organisms


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Shagufta M Shafeeq

January 26, 2016at 9:57 pm

Hi. very intresting product. Can you ship it to mombasa kenya..

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