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MTS: Microbial Treatment Service

Electro-mechanical Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) can produce good quality of treated water consistently, only if microbial health of STP remains good. Aerobic digestion in aeration tank by aerobic bacteria needs continuous feed of Oxygen by blowing air in to the tank. Heavy duty blowers are required for this purpose and they need to operate 24×7. Lot of electricity is consumed during this process.

When there is a problem with STP, our MTS service can bring back the STP to good health.

After analysing STP condition we determine microbial dosing/application pattern to achieve the defined targets. Apart from odour control MTS can also bring about reduction in sludge & BOD/COD levels.

MTS establishes the following:
– Foul odor control.
– Good discharge water level of BOD with in target values without using chemical agents.
– Chemical agents required to remove nitrogen and to maintain lower coliform count, not needed.
– Generation of surplus sludge far less than initially designed.
– use of electricity gets reduced.


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zerOdor™ microbial inoculant:

zerOdor™ reduces generation of Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide and Methane by decreasing the anaerobic activity in applied environment, this efficiently reduces bad odors in the system. Microbial strains in zerOdor™ rapidly consume the organic material and consequently reduce BOD/COD.




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zerOdor™ dosing treatment:

It is important to define the targets to be achieved, initial dosage and frequency need to be higher than the final maintenance dosage. Microbes require time to act upon waste and wastewater, hence the retention time of effluents or sewage in the tank(s) of a treatment plant is an important factor. Use of biocidal agents such as chlorine, disinfectants and other hygiene inputs should be minimized.




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zerOdor™ sludge ball treatment:

This treatment is used in sewage treatment or in the remediation of polluted water bodies, in particular where there is a strong flow which would carry away the inoculant solution away very fast without giving it enough time to act. Under such conditions of strong throughflow it is necessary to provide a habitat for bacteria: sludge balls are meant to be this habitat.

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