Roof Top STP

Danvar 1


Roof top Sewage Treatment Plant  |  Conservation of space & energy

In case of smaller capacities say up to 25,000 litres per day, if ground space is a constraint, roof can be a good area to place our rejuWATER™ STP units. For roof top applications light weight materials are used.


Danvar 33

Enough space was provided on the rooftop to build 9KLD capacity, enclosed by side walls for safe working at about 100 ft from ground level.

This height provides good head for gravity conveyance of treated water to all below structure without pumping. Unhindered Solar energy is available at this roof.





Danvar 4

Light weight construction using IBC tanks and light weight fillers was done to create a treatment capacity of 9,000 litres per day. Buffer tank slightly above the rejuWATER™ modules receives the sewage from underground collection tank.

Buffer tank distributes the wastewater to rejuWATER™ modules by gravity. Bioconversion and rejuvenation happens in the treatment modules using Solar energy.




Danvar 2

Treated water is stored at the next bottom level for further distribution downwards by gravity flow. This facility plans to polish the treated water using sand and activated Carbon and then pass through reverse osmosis system for better re usability.








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