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Retrofit of existing STP with rejuWATER™ Soil BioFiltration modules at Sindhu Cargo

Sindhu Cargo Services Pvt Ltd has a green campus and management was concerned about the operational cost of their sewage treatment plant (STP), of which major was the electricity cost. riteways proposed to retrofit existing STP with rejuWATER™ modules to improve the performance of STP and also cut down the electricity cost significantly.

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Sewage was being pumped through collection tank, equalisation tank, aeration tank, clarifier, pressure sand filter and activated carbon filter. Pumping consumed electricity. Blowers connected to aeration tank needed to blow air 24 x7 for maintaining proper MLSS, this was energy hogging.

In spite of the above arrangement, consistency of treated water quality was poor and depended largely on skill of operators running the plant.

Treated water was being used for gardening.



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rejuWATER™ Soil BioFiltration module resembles big pot planted with reeds. Raw sewage trickles down the bio active soil layers and comes out as clean rejuvenated water rich in dissolved Oxygen and rid of pollutants.

Three rejuWATER™ modules to treat 9,000 litres per day were connected to the 15,000 litres per day capacity STP. Raw sewage from first entry tank (collection tank) was pumped to Buffer tanks placed on STP roof top from where it circulates by gravity flow through rejuWATER™ modules and falls in to treated water tank.

Blowers and all other pumps were disconnected. Only collection tank was retained, all other tanks were converted to hold treated water.


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As seen in picture on left, rejuWATER™ retrofit modules were constructed out of recycled IBC containers.

In less than a week, work was completed. Stabilization and tweaking of the system for desired flow rate was carried out over next few weeks.






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This is the quality of treated water out of rejuWATER™ modules with out polishing. Further polishing can be done by passing through sand ans activated carbon filters, if required.

Earlier, treated water was being used only for gardening, now they wish to use this for flushing too. We expect quality of treated water to improve as the plant gets older.









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