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We’re the only species on Earth that uses Fresh Water to transport waste!

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Nature supplies us water in abundance right at our door steps, without the ‘kilometers & kilometers’ of pipe line!

It sounds crazy, especially when we do not have enough to drink. A mere look at our daily water consumption, will tell us where we stand and what the future can be, if we continue like this.

Though freshwater consumption varies from place to place and community to community, an average estimate per person per day could be about 135 liters. Break could be estimated as,

  • Drinking & Cooking: ~15 Liters
  • Washing & Bathing: 60 Liters
  • Flushing: 60 Liters

All this freshwater ends up in drain after usage, since it has organic wastes (food for bacteria), it imbalances any water ecosystem like lake or river where it is let in to. Polluting the drinking water sources.

What is the price we pay for our drinking water?
– almost nothing at the moment! The actual price will be known only when the ground water is gone.

Is there a way out?
– yes, there is.

First Stage Implementation: Wastewater recycling
Second Stage Implementation: Harvest rain water to Drink, Cook, Wash & Bathe.

With above two implemented, we are safe and in sync with nature.

Water Crisis is only a water management issue. Nature supplies us water in abundance right at our door steps, without the ‘kilometers & kilometers’ of pipe line!

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Natural composters fare far better than heater type Fryer’s in resource recovery!

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To understand what good compost is like, it is important to know about Humus.

  • Humus is the soil glue that determines whether our rivers run muddy or crystal clear, whether dust storms strip us from the soil again.
  • Humus is the storage system for three incredibly important substances, Carbon, Water & Minerals that impact soil, plant, animal, human & planetary health.
  • A 1% increase in Humus means that soil can hold 1,70,000 liters of water per hectare it could not previously hold. Humus is our greatest water management tool.
  • Humus improves the nutritional value of our food.

Humus is literally the life blood of this planet!

Composting becomes the mantra for everyone.

The so called “Automatic Heater” type composters, can at best be described as green waste “DISPOSAL” equipment that burn out the green waste and bring out ~10% of powdery material labelled as “Compost”. They hog electricity 24×7 to rotate the drums and keep them heated leading to very high operation cost. Such sophisticated PLC controlled systems upon breakdown can create panicky situations if not repaired with in 24 hours because the incoming wet waste begins to rot.

TALLBOY® organic waste composters from riteways, utilizes BioBins that do not need electricity or any external heating. TALLBOY® BioBins work completely aerobically and produce rich brown, highly nutritious, ready to use, earthy smell compost everyday.

“Resource Recovery” or “Wasteful Disposal” – the choice is yours!

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Sewage recycle & reuse should be the beginning of all “Water Crisis” conversations

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A good sewage treatment plant can recycle wastewater and make it as good as fresh lake or river water.

rejuWATER™ STP is one such sewage treatment plant that gives out good quality, reusable treated water consistently. Unique features being,

  • uses sunlight and soil runs without electricity.
  • removes Nitrogen and Phosphorous very efficiently.
  • adds high levels of dissolved Oxygen that rejuvenates the waste water.
  • can be installed on roof tops.

Sewage is an effluent that can be treated easily and rejuWATER™ enables everyone to do it, from an individual home to an institution. When you use treated water for flushing, gardening, car wash etc. you cut down your freshwater consumption by 50% or more. Hence, Wastewater recycling and reuse is the key to water crisis.

All conversations on solving WATER CRISIS must begin with “Sewage Treatment”.

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We try to deliver customer satisfaction, products & services are just a medium

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If there is a willingness to compost, you will find us by your side.

Four Point Sheraton, called us to install the OWC long time after it was delivered. When our team visited the site, they noticed that it was an old design! The team at Four Point was really excited to get started and very happy to know that we now had a better version. Though they wished that they could get started with the newer design, but were not willing to spend those extra bucks for up gradation.

Our team, wanted to delight this customer.
riteways supplied the new design almost free of cost, above picture says it all!

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Solar powered STP that installs anywhere: Rooftops, Midair, Ground or Basement

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Sewage treatment is mostly recycling of organic waste and the best way to do it is naturally.

Microbes grown in soil layer bio-convert the nutrients from black and grey water to fertilizer. This fertilizer gets used up by the planted material in the soil layer.

Our waste (bothe BOD & COD) feeds the micro-organisms, micro life feeds the plants, plants support the microlife. In this ecosystem, the BOD & COD gets used up. Nitrogen and Phosphorous from Urine gets consumed.

Unique features of rejuWATER™ STP,

  • High quality of treated water, rich in dissolved Oxygen.
  • Removes Nitrogen & Phosphorous.
  • Works without electricity.
  • No skilled manpower required &


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Natural Composting – Zero Electricity, Zero Heating

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TALLBOY® BioBins have started producing high quality compost at CBH apartment at Bangalore.

Quality of compost is,

  • rich brown
  • earthy smell
  • highly nutritious
  • ready to use

Prior to installing these bins, mixed waste was being given out to be disposed to landfills. Now, the wet waste gets composted at site. TALLBOY® BioBins bins work completely aerobically and do not have any power connection or external heating device attached.

Vertically layered, they occupy very little ground space for the capacity they process. TALLBOY® BioBins come in two models,

  • TBB 400 for individual homes &
  • TBB 1500 for bulk composting

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SANITR onsite composting service at apartment in Bangalore – India

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At one large apartment generating 1.5 tons per day of green waste, riteways has been able to turn table from monthly expenditure to monthly revenue!

Currently available at select cities in India. riteways offers SANITR™ onsite composting service to large apartment complexes who wish to outsource their wet waste management to external agency. SANITR™ service offers,

  • equipment on rent/lease
  • operation & maintenance
  • compost buy back

At this apartment in Bangalore which houses 2000+ families, the expenditure to dispose off garbage was ~Rs.500,000/- per month. Also, Bangalore Municipal authorities made it mandatory for all gated communities to be Zero Garbage facilities. Which meant such facilities needed to treat their wet waste with in the campus and all the dry waste to be sent to official recyclers.

We were told that they had in fact purchased an automatic heater type organic waste converter at an exorbitant cost but could not operate it successfully. Investing in the equipment again was not only an expensive proposition, there was no assurance that operations would run smooth enough. Apartment authorities after checking SANITR™ sites under riteways, approached us to set up similar system at their apartment too.

This facility has been running successfully over past few months producing rich compost everyday!

We are looking for Franchisee’s to scale up in India & overseas. For more information click here.

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Municipality at Rudrapur starts composting

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riteways installs wet waste processing facility at Rudrapur-Uttarakhand to convert green waste to compost.

Kichha Municipal Chairman, Mr Mahendra Chawla announced that the compost generated out of this initiative shall be packed in 5 & 10 Kg pkts and sold to farmers. This will not only generate revenue but also encourage organic farming. OWC’s have been installed at five places where only segregated wet waste shall be processed through the installed organic waste converters.

riteways representative demonstrated the functioning of TALLBOY® OWC to a large audience in presence of the senior Municipal executives.

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Disappearing Adjutant Storks discovered at Landfill site

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These are highly endangered species and only 2,000 of them left in the world..

In the picture above you will see Adjutant Storks feeding on landfill. You could walk up to them, touch them and they won’t fly off. So used to all the men and machines working around them. Not sure if this is their natural habitat, but definitely was a frightening sight, it was as if they got addicted to something!

Human is the only race that has such an alarmingly growing footprint that is engulfing all natural life.

We have no fresh water because we dump our waste right in to the water that we drink, We are short of food because our soils have become infertile. We do have the biomass that can make it fertile but we pack it in to trash bags and send them to landfill!

Such degraded states can only create cycle of poverty and ecological destruction and we pass this poverty from one generation to the next generation. If we continue to consume goods & services the way we do, we will turn everything in to a desert for our children and our children’s children and generations to come in the future.

How unsustainable have we become was one thought that kept running through our minds, way back home. Only if we could get on a process of restoration, the next generations, could have better diet, healthcare, education & rich social life.

@riteways, we think about this all the time.
Over the years, we have developed products and services that can help us achieve our self sustainability goal, step by step, individual by individual. Feel free to contact us.

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Let’s compost responsibly

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Composting is a process that progresses in stages and at each stage, certain types of microbes enter the pile and work their magic on it.

  • Ask, before selecting an OWC system
  • Is it “nutritious Compost” or “Burnt Carbon”?
  • What amount of power consumed?
  • How much Carbon-di-oxide emitted?
  • What is the cost of production per Kg?

The decomposition of organic matter results in Humus/Compost. Composting needs to become the mantra for everyone. The kitchen waste needs to be kept away from mixing in to garbage.

Current practice of dumping everything in to landfills needs to stop, landfills generate Methane which is 23 times more harmful than CO2.

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Beware of 24 hrs Automatic Heater type green waste re-processors

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These Fryer OWC’s produce burnt carbon with zero microbial load and claim that to be compost!

OWC (organic waste converter) is truly an Indian concept which has caught the worldwide attention. It is a sustainable concept that can be easily implemented in a decentralized way. With OWC’s communities and institutions can now process their wet waste at site and this in turn enables them to bring out the segregated dry waste.

Clean dry waste is in great demand and generates revenue because of its high recycling potential. When the communities & institutions and are able to make compost at site, they not only earn by way of selling compost and dry waste, they also become “Zero Garbage”

Making compost therefore is not a “DISPOSAL” criteria it is a “VALUABLE RESOURCE RECOVERY” criteria, the more you get the better it is. Unfortunately the OWC market has some OWC’s beint sold with tags “AUTOMATIC” & “HEATER TYPE”.

Regarding Heater,
Composting is a natural digestion process, digestion done by the bacteria. Wet waste these machines comes in contact with high shell temperatures while rotating and any temperature above 70 deg C kills the recycling bacteria.
Regarding Automatic,
All composting processes are automatic just as our own digestive system. It’s the micro organisms that do the job!

Get the compost coming out of this system, checked for microbial load.
A good compost sample should have at least 2 lakh CFU microbes/cm of compost.

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We all segregate wet and dry waste at home - BY DEFAULT!

We all segregate wet and dry waste at home – BY DEFAULT!

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demonstrated by very young kids at National Public School, Bangalore.

400 children from class 3 & 4 assembled in their auditorium, to learn about waste management. 20 children were randomly picked from the audience and invited to stage. On the

stage we created, side by side, a Kitchen and a Bedroom. Both the Kitchen and the Bedroom had a waste bin & a table each. On the Kitchen table we kept a plate with banana &
each child on the stage was asked to pick up the plate, go to the dining table [kept at center stage], eat the banana and after eating remove the plate from dining table.

Out of the 20 participants, 1 threw the banana peel in Bedroom bin, 3 of them threw it in the Kitchen bin and 16 of them kept the plate back [with banana peel] on Kitchen

We were able to show the audience, that all food waste went to kitchen, without us telling them to take it there.

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