Beware of 24 hrs Automatic Heater type green waste re-processors

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Beware of 24 hrs Automatic Heater type green waste re-processors

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These Fryer OWC’s produce burnt carbon with zero microbial load and claim that to be compost!

OWC (organic waste converter) is truly an Indian concept which has caught the worldwide attention. It is a sustainable concept that can be easily implemented in a decentralized way. With OWC’s communities and institutions can now process their wet waste at site and this in turn enables them to bring out the segregated dry waste.

Clean dry waste is in great demand and generates revenue because of its high recycling potential. When the communities & institutions and are able to make compost at site, they not only earn by way of selling compost and dry waste, they also become “Zero Garbage”

Making compost therefore is not a “DISPOSAL” criteria it is a “VALUABLE RESOURCE RECOVERY” criteria, the more you get the better it is. Unfortunately the OWC market has some OWC’s beint sold with tags “AUTOMATIC” & “HEATER TYPE”.

Regarding Heater,
Composting is a natural digestion process, digestion done by the bacteria. Wet waste these machines comes in contact with high shell temperatures while rotating and any temperature above 70 deg C kills the recycling bacteria.
Regarding Automatic,
All composting processes are automatic just as our own digestive system. It’s the micro organisms that do the job!

Get the compost coming out of this system, checked for microbial load.
A good compost sample should have at least 2 lakh CFU microbes/cm of compost.

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