SANITR onsite composting service at apartment in Bangalore – India

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SANITR onsite composting service at apartment in Bangalore – India

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At one large apartment generating 1.5 tons per day of green waste, riteways has been able to turn table from monthly expenditure to monthly revenue!

Currently available at select cities in India. riteways offers SANITR™ onsite composting service to large apartment complexes who wish to outsource their wet waste management to external agency. SANITR™ service offers,

  • equipment on rent/lease
  • operation & maintenance
  • compost buy back

At this apartment in Bangalore which houses 2000+ families, the expenditure to dispose off garbage was ~Rs.500,000/- per month. Also, Bangalore Municipal authorities made it mandatory for all gated communities to be Zero Garbage facilities. Which meant such facilities needed to treat their wet waste with in the campus and all the dry waste to be sent to official recyclers.

We were told that they had in fact purchased an automatic heater type organic waste converter at an exorbitant cost but could not operate it successfully. Investing in the equipment again was not only an expensive proposition, there was no assurance that operations would run smooth enough. Apartment authorities after checking SANITR™ sites under riteways, approached us to set up similar system at their apartment too.

This facility has been running successfully over past few months producing rich compost everyday!

We are looking for Franchisee’s to scale up in India & overseas. For more information click here.

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