Disappearing Adjutant Storks discovered at Landfill site

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Disappearing Adjutant Storks discovered at Landfill site

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These are highly endangered species and only 2,000 of them left in the world..

In the picture above you will see Adjutant Storks feeding on landfill. You could walk up to them, touch them and they won’t fly off. So used to all the men and machines working around them. Not sure if this is their natural habitat, but definitely was a frightening sight, it was as if they got addicted to something!

Human is the only race that has such an alarmingly growing footprint that is engulfing all natural life.

We have no fresh water because we dump our waste right in to the water that we drink, We are short of food because our soils have become infertile. We do have the biomass that can make it fertile but we pack it in to trash bags and send them to landfill!

Such degraded states can only create cycle of poverty and ecological destruction and we pass this poverty from one generation to the next generation. If we continue to consume goods & services the way we do, we will turn everything in to a desert for our children and our children’s children and generations to come in the future.

How unsustainable have we become was one thought that kept running through our minds, way back home. Only if we could get on a process of restoration, the next generations, could have better diet, healthcare, education & rich social life.

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