When there were many vacant plots of land around most houses, garbage wasn’t visible on the roads. Tall apartment buildings were few and they didn’t bother much where their sewage went, lakes were clean and supplied drinking water. Vegetables grown on the city outskirts were available fresh in the markets.

Today, cities are a concrete jungle with buildings touching each other. Garbage is either on the road or moving towards a landfill, sewage has filled our lakes, ground water depleted and vegetables come wrapped or boxed. No idea what is it going to be for our children’s children.

Residential, Institutional, Industrial and Commercial spaces are expected to solve their own problems and become “Zero Waste”.

Easier said than done!

Nature's designs deliver abundance, our's create scarcity.

about us

We were looking for simple & self sustainable designs & our search was for a natural solution. Solutions lay hidden in the rain & humus, it took us about ten years, to figure it out!

Journey was tough, may be, because we chose to fund our research through ongoing business accruals.
Our milestones since then, have been:

  • ‘Solar Sewage Treatment Plant’ that can install anywhere: rooftop, mid air, ground or basement.

  • ‘Organic Waste Converter’ also known as ‘Green Waste Reprocessor’ that uses BioBins to compost. These BioBins run without electricity or any external heating.

  • ‘Edible Gardening Pots’ that can grow 200+ plants in each with just 2ft in diameter

Today, as we speak, riteways has a strong team and robust solutions through products & services that are simple & easy to adopt. Our solutions are for both, the individual and the enterprise. The growth so far has been organic and rock solid, our roots are strong and the scaling up plans are again inspired by nature.

All our products and services are in use for many years now and are delivering “abundance”. They get better with time. We believe our concepts and methods are disruptive because of their simplicity, price and deploy-ability!


Follow the money and “Go Green”!

Mission is to grow by creating highly innovative & rewarding waste 2 wealth business opportunities.
By 2020 we intend to branch out to neighbouring countries Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and UAE.