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Successful running of organic waste converter will need:

- Segregated Organic Waste
- bacteRITEâ„¢ composting bacteria

We can take up the running of any organic waste converter and deliver rich brown earth smelling compost. Our operation will be clean & smell/insect/pest free.
OWC - Annual Operation & Maintenance Contract
- Cost of compost testing.
- Spare parts for servicing of plants & machinery.
- Electricity bills, consent fees, liaison & any other statutory fees.
- Power for running the OWC.
- Any major servicing/overhauling of the equipment in the event of breakdown.
- Cost of additional labour incurred during course of maintenance.
- Cost of any alterations/rectification for smooth running of the plant.
- Cost of any damage caused due to accident, natural calamity, rain or any other reason not attributable to RWE.