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STP Operation (Process Control)

Microbiology governs the STP and we implement certain process control measures that enahances the STP microflora. With our process control, skilled operation is not required. We shall train your under-utilised property management staff to monitor the STP running. rite-ways supervisor shall visit the site as & when required. The activation of microbial culture shall be done by our supervisor and the same shall be dosed in to the system continuously in to the system through the dosing set up without any manual intervention.

To deliver good quality treated water conforming to KSPCB norms, shall be our responsibility. Our process control involves:

Microbial Treatment Service (MTS)

1. MTS (Shock): Initial dosing of microbes for the first month to stabilize the system
2. MTS (regular): regular dosing of microbes every month to maintain the microbial population in the system.
3. EcoFriendly Consumables: aqaRITE™ DNF, aqaRITE™ CGF (herbal products)

- Cost of monthly analysis of treated water sample.
- Any major servicing/overhauling of the equipment in the event of breakdown.
- Spare parts for servicing of plants & machinery.
- Electricity bills, consent fees, liaison & any other statutory fees.
- Power for running the STP.
- Cost of additional labour incurred during course of maintenance.
- Cost of disposal of sludge from the STP area.
- Cost of cleaning of tanks.
- Cost of any alterations/rectification for smooth running of the plant.
- Cost of any damage caused due to accident, natural calamity, rain or any other reason not attributable to RWE.