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Composting Culture
A traditional compost heap requires significant amount of work, needs to be monitored, turned, aged and sifted... not to mention the pungent smell of compost off-putting people.

bacteRITE™ composting methods follow an ancient practice and is excellent alternative to traditional aerobic composting. The bacteRITE™ composting process utilizes rice bran and beneficial microbes to break down materials. It utilizes fermentation rather than decomposition to break down organic waste, there is no rancid smell to attract unwanted pests.

Faster, more compact and far less smelly than traditional composting of organic waste, bacteRITE™ awakens the nutrient-rich environment and the microbes quickly begin to grow. While they grow, they ferment and break down the organic (lignin and cellulose) components of the kitchen waste in the composting bin. This causes the food scraps to finally breakdown in to manure compost.