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What causes foul smelling odour from urinals?

Biofilm - a translucent film 0.1 mm thick derived from body fluids forms on the ceramic bowl and all pipe-work. It is difficult to clean when it collects on the internal surface of the urinal outlet. The biofilm takes several weeks to form. Naturally occurring bacteria which thrive on this biofilm are what cause the smell. Rubber washers in urinal traps perish very quickly, causing leakage and staining outside of the trap - leading to bad smells.

Fragrant sprays, scented pads, sticks, blocks or mats may be useful for masking general toilet smells and getting odour rid, but there is little odor removal in the real sense. Foul odor keeps coming back as and when the masking effect weakens.

Foul Odour Control
Elimination of foul odour problem from its roots
What causes foul odour?

All organic matter gets in to soil one day! The process of decomposition happens in two ways: AEROBIC (when there is plenty of Oxygen within the piled up debris. Aerobic bacteria digest, they take in Oxygen give out Carbon di oxide & water) & ANAEROBIC (when there is no Oxygen in the pile. Anaerobic bacteria survive in absence of Oxygen, give out Methane, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide)

BIOFILM - the root cause of foul odour in urinals
Zerodor™ is a probiotic liquid consisting of facultative microbes that are able to survive in both aerobic and anaerobic environments, once applied they convert the anaerobic conditions to aerobic and treat the root cause of Foul Odour.
Urine | Garbage | Manure | Fish | Food | Landfills
Zerodor™ is suitably diluted as per requirement and poured or sprayed.


Dramatic reduction of odors, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. Prevents production of H2S.

Fast-acting. Odors are reduced to near Zero ppm on contact.
Methane, Ammonia & Hydrogen Sulphide are foul smelling gases.
ZERODOR™ is a toilet cleaner and the best known product to rid smell.A microbial inoculant consisting of live probiotic bacteria that are 100% organic. When ZERODOR™ is sprayed on to the surface, these bacteria metabolize (eat away) the biofilm and organic deposits, leaving the surfaces clean and smell free. An odor eliminator, which solves the problem from its roots - no Biofilm, no bad smells!

- low cost
- Smell free & hygienic toilets
- 100% organic
- Bacteria in ZERODOR™ improve STP performance
- Spray on surfaces 3-4 times a day
- Discontinue use of disinfectants
- Continue using the soaps & detergents