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Herbal Algae Control
Algae is a green coloured, slimy growth along walls & floor surfaces of the pond, pool, fountain etc. The artificial water bodies created for aesthetic improvement can not have Algal growth. Algae removal is desired as it changes the colour of water and produces foul odour.

aqaRITE™ ALC helps facilities management by algae control in pond, pool, fountain etc. aqaRITE™ ALC eliminates Algae and keeps water crystal clear and fresh for a very long time. aqaRITE™ ALC is derived from herbal plants source, it is 100% organic and safe even if swallowed.

aqaRITE™ ALC is a very low cost and highly effective cooling water treatement solution and important component of pond supplies.

- Reduction in maintenance cost
- Clean water, always
- Save water

Algae Control from riteways on Vimeo.