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Selective Herbal Disinfection
Traditional disinfectant products like Chlorine, Phenol, DDT etc. are made to provide disinfection by killing all bacteria and remain in their residual state for a long time! This disrupts the natural process leading to poor soils and polluted water bodies! Modern society tends to regard hygiene as ABSENCE of BACTERIA (microbes). This is scientifically wrong! Microbes are important to us, they are responsible for the health of our skin, our respiratory and digestive system.

riteways introduces, aqaRITE™ DNF, Neem based natural disinfectant, an ideal replacement for chlorine dioxide.

Neem is a non toxic disinfectant and possesses anti bacterial properties. Being organic it gets easily digested in to the soil. aqaRITE™ DNF provides for a very controlled water disinfection without harming the environment.

- 100% organic
- Biodegradable
- Non polluting
All bacteria are not bad!
bacteria play very important role in natural cleaning & recycling processes.
regular disinfectants like chemicals & phenol kill all bacteria without knowing which is good & which is bad.