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Organic Waste Converter
mam OWC (machinery assisted microbiology):
OWC components

Organic Waste Converter (OWC) is all about converting Organic Waste to Organic Fertiliser called Compost, in the fastest possible time.

What would take 2-3 months to get composted by the natural process, a good OWC should be able to compost it in 15 days!

The organic waste is to be fed to the microorganisms (bacteria), smaller the feed size faster is the conversion. We don't just shred, we Pulverise! Our Pulveriser is:

SIMPLE, a very common machine used by agro & food industry

ROBUST, 12" cage dia, with hammer & jaws

POWERFUL, driven by 5 HP motor

shreds, chips and pulverizes, all at the same time and delivers up to 100 Kg per hour

Pulverized waste is brought to right moisture content (30 to 40%) and is mixed with our bacteRITE™ composting culture. bacteRITE™ is a mix of Lignolytic, Cellulolitic and facultattive microbes with ability to perform in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, with causing foul odour. This mix is then allowed for curing or breakdown to compost by microbial action in the composting bins of Tallboy™ composter.

Tallboy™ Composter:
Each, Tallboy™ composter is a vertical post carryig 16 nos of composting bins. It is aesthetically appealing and can be placed outdoors, Watching the conversion of waste to compost in the transparent bins of Tallboy™ composter is both, fun and learning. With just 2ft x 2ft footprint, each, Tallboy™ composter can convert up to 200 Kg of organic/kitchen waste to rich brown manure compost in just 15 days!

Unique features of our OWC are:
1. No dedicated space required
2. Highly affordable
3. Aesthetically appealing
4. Delivers rich brown compost in 15 days.
We call our composting machine as "mam OWC" mam stands for Machinery Assisted Microbiology and OWC stands for Organic Waste Converter. In microbial food waste recycling there are quite a few composting techniques and they differ in:

1. size reduction methods adopted
2. choice of bacteria or microbes
3. Aeration method
4. moisturisation method

Our organic waste converter machine has three components:

1. Pulveriser
2. bacteRITE™ Microbial Culture
3. Tallboy™ Composters
bacteRITE™ Microbial Culture:
Tallboy™ Composter: