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Poultry Probiotic Liquids
bacteRITEâ„¢ chickINN is transforming into a great tool for poultry farms due to its various effects as probiotics, antigens and a natural cleaner. It is
applied in poultry house, in the treatment of residues and effluents, in poultry waterer and in poultry feeders. The best results are however
obtained by combining all the different uses mentioned below:

- in poultry waterer and in poultry feeders
- in composting
- in poultry processing equipment & foul odor control

- enriches feed water with beneficial substances such as amino acids, vitamins and enzymes.
- better digestion and nutrient assimilation in raising chickens.
- eliminate undesirable odour from excrete.
- improve poultry feed conversion and weight gain.
- reduce production of methane within the stomach, improved eating habit.
- reduce the incidence of diarrhoea.
- reduce poultry diseases & mortality rate.
- improve bird health and quality of meat through the reduction of cholesterol.
- produce heavier eggs with a much darker-colour yolk due to better carotene synthesis.
- more consistent egg white due to improved synthesis of albumin.
- harder egg shell due to better assimilation of calcium.
- increase in size of eggs.
- significantly reduce undesirable foul odour.
- reduce the presence of flies and other insects in the poultry farm.
- improve sanitary health of the birds.
- reduces the overall cost of poultry farming.
- reduction in the use of agro-chemicals and antibiotics.
- improve relationship with neighbours.