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Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plants
Prefabricated rejuWATER™ Sewage Treatment Plants:

Available in capacities from 500 litres per day Up to 50,000 litres per day treatment of sewage, we offer prefabricated rejuWATER™ wastewater recycling units that can be assembled and put to use almost immediately. If there is already a septic tank available at site, it gets integrated in to the design. Raw sewage percolates down the rejuWATER™ STP modules. During its downward journey through BioActive soil, sand a7 aggregates, it gets cleaned up. The biodegradable waste in water is eaten away by the huge colonies of aerobic bacteria in the soil. Suspended impurities get filtered by a big layer of soil, sand and aggregates.

The treated water is crystal clear, odourless and with very high levels of dissolved oxygen fit for holding life back, again
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