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Corrosion Control
bacteRITE™ corrosion x
Most synthetic chemicals work on the principle of oxidizing. Oxidizing materials are highly corrosive. Knowing this, it would seem logical to avoid oxidation and go the route of anti-oxidation. Rust is an oxidation reaction. Moisture on metal is not a good thing when there are oxidizing agents around. Almost any cleaner used today is an oxidizer. Ammonia and bleach will oxidize metals, causing rusted equipment, thereby increasing operations costs over time.

bacteRITE™ corrosion x contains natural antioxidants that are rust inhibitors. When bacteRITE™ is introduced into the collection system, Hydrogen sulfide is not produced. This is done in two ways, First, the microbes in bacteRITE™ release O2 into the system, increasing the pH in the wastewater, preventing the release of corrosive H2S gas. Second, the photosynthetic bacteria in bacteRITE™ ingest the sulfur as a food and do not release it until they die. When hydrogen sulfide is not released in a moist environment, sulfuric acid cannot be produced, therefore preventing the corrosion from happening in the first place.
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