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"bacteRITE™ Sludge X" contains natural antioxidants that remove and prevent rust and sludge build up thereby prolonging the useful life and reducing the cost of maintaining equipment. When "bacteRITE™ Sludge X" is introduced into the collection system, Hydrogen sulfide is not produced. This is done in two ways. First, the microbes in "bacteRITE™ Sludge X" release O2 into the system, increasing the pH in the wastewater, preventing the release of the gas. Second, the photosynthetic bacteria in "bacteRITE™ Sludge X" ingest the sulphur as a food and do not release it until they die. When hydrogen sulphide is not released in a moist environment, sulphuric acid cannot be produced, therefore preventing the corrosion from happening in the first place.

Sludge Reduction
Sludge build up reduces volume: reduces efficiency
Whether it is wastewater treatment in an STP/ETP or open drains, sludge build up reduces volume. Reduced volume decreases capacity and increases costs, efficiency of the system goes down.

Sludge/Biosolids release volatile organic compounds (VOC) that give it a characteristic smell. High BOD, COD, Fats Oils & Greases (FOGs) produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3). The use of our bacterial product called bacteRITE™ will rid any sludge treatment facility of its foul odor problem and the sludge levels reduce gradually with repeated applications.

Foul smelling odor can be controlled by misting or fogging the area and by incorporating "bacteRITE™ Sludge X" into the areas where the biosolids are being collected. Fogging the area will prevent corrosion on equipment from the sulfuric acid produced by the H2S and will make for a safer working environment. Also, the sludge levels reduce gradually with repeated applications.
How "bacteRITE™ Sludge X" Works;
In addition to the chemicals that are in wastewater sludge, stagnant water in the system will result in a pH drop, triggering increased production of Hydrogen Sulphide gas, when H2S combines with water vapour it forms Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4), the acid then corrodes the metals and the concrete that make up the infrastructure. When the tops of the sewer lines corrode, this is called "crowning" and costs huge amount of money to repair.
bacteRITE™ Sludge X:

stabilises complex proteins through a shift from anaerobic putrefaction cycle to a fermentative cycle

accelerates protein stabilization, which helps in faster breakdown of complex proteins in Hair & plastics

microbes secrete organic acids, enzymes and antioxidants which help in faster breakdown

digests Fats Oils and Grease (FOG)