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ORGANIC WASTE to COMPOST | conversion at your place.

riteways launches in Bangalore, a mobile Organic Waste Converter service for APARTMENTS, HOTELS & INSTITUTIONS

GOBBARA gaadi, an initiative by riteways to help solve Garbage crisis. A simple yet effective solution to convert organic waste generated by bulk producers like Apartments, Hotels & Institutions to 100% organic manure. GOBBARA gaadi is fitted with a machine to grind the waste and comes to your doorstep to do the conversion of all segregated organic waste to compost.

5TALLBOY™ Bio Bins installed at site are designed to digest pulverized waste to produce rich compost (organic manure).

  • DAILY organic waste IN
  • DAILY rich brown, fully digested, earthy smell compost OUT.
  • No foul odour, No flies, No pests.



In a highly recycling country like our’s, why Garbage is such a big crisis? Because, no recycler wants to touch the trash bags with foul smell.

If the organic waste can be converted to organic manure at the generating site itself, the left over waste is dry waste, which the rcyclers should be happy to pick.

4With a fleet of GOBBARA gaadi’s in the near future, riteways plans to reduce a big portion of the burden of mixed garbage moving to landfills.


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