sustainability this summer

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sustainability this summer

Adi & Meit comin to get you (r email id)


We thought, this summer, let’s do something different. It’s really getting hotter & hotter, getting more & more unbearable each summer. No body seems to care…

riteways, allowed us to do a project and we are very excited about it. So excited that we would like to talk to whole world about it. Currently, we are collecting as many email id’s as we can and for this we are calling all our friends and their friends and so on..

We wish to send out emails to everyone and see if there is any small way we could make a change this summer. Please do respond, if you receive our email.


Adi & Meit 🙂



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Our way of caring for the environment is by doing environment clean up & conservation and we are glad to invite you to join us.