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Lactobacillus Casei


“Modern society tends to regard hygiene as the absence of microbes. This is scientifically wrong. ” – Dr Lucas, Auroville

Our journey began with introduction to world of microbes (bacteria)  and magical work they do!

Modern society tends to regard hygiene as the absence of microbes. This is scientifically wrong. Microbes are the earliest living organisms, they are the base of life even today, they are responsible for the recycling of elements in nature. Microbes are responsible for the health of our skin, our respiratory system, and our digestive system; they are required to extract the nutrients from our food, to make the energy (calories) available for our organisms, and to produce vitamins.

We are a team of enthusiasts looking out for rite ways to help and we’re out to find efficient, eco friendly and inexpensive ways to composting, wastewater treatment and edible gardening applying microbial strains.  The team comprises of Engineers, Microbiologists, Scientists, Architects and Chartered Accountants. So far, our journey has been filled with excitement developing simple low cost & highly effective solutions to burning issues like Waste Management, Water Crisis and Poor Soil conditions.



“Kitchen & Garden waste to Composting on a daily basis”, “Sewage treatment plants using Solar Energy” and “high volume vegetable growing at homes” have been some unique and very interesting area to work on,  and  after  10+ years of R&D we now have:

TALLBOY™ OWC: Kitchen & Garden waste to Composting on a daily basis

rejuWATER™ STP:  sewage treatment plants using Solar Energy, and

veggyBARREL™ OTG: high volume organic vegetable growing system.



Please explore the information on this website and feel free to contact us, anytime.

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Asim Zafar

November 10, 2015at 2:33 am

I am glad to know about this company which works towards making the environment cleaner. I wish to learn more about the methods as I have done Masters Degree in Environmental Management. I am looking forward to work in a related field for which I wish to have some training experience. I would be glad if I get to learn this trade from your company.

Thank you

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