bacteRITE Bioculam

Lactobacillus Casei


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Microorganisms are the living organisms that are too small and visible only under microscope. They are in the air, water, soil, in and on living organisms. Microorganisms can be classified into four groups – Bacteria, Fungi, Algae and Protozoa.

Microorganisms can survive extreme conditions like hot springs to polar regions, they can survive too acidic and too alkaline environment. Under unfavourable conditions of temperature and water, they form hard and tough coverings called as cysts. As the favourable conditions prevail, they break open their cysts and continue their normal life cycles.


Application, Solid Waste Management | bacteRITE™ bioculam for Quick Composting

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Solid waste management implies separation of compostable and non-compostable waste at the source.

bacteRITE™ is a mix of microorganisms that can digest cellulose & lignin rich materials quickly. Also, the facultative microbes in bacteRITE™ suppress the putrefactive microorganisms, those types responsible for the rotting of organic matter and dominate the fermentative microorganisms.

As a result, use of bacteRITE™ in composting results in good quality of compost that can be produced without foul odour and flies/pest infestation.


Microorganisms, in use

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suggested to be a powerful environmental opportunist, used in pest control, development of biofungicides, improvement of plant health and environmental monitoring.




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(Yeast) fungi known as a fermentation starter, produces many biologically active agents such as amino acids and polysaccharides.




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Facultatively phototrophic bacterieum, can grow with or without Oxygen, fix Nitrogen, produce Hydrogen and has highly developed biodegradation capabilities.




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Fungi responsible for decomposition of plant and other cellulose-rich materials.




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health-promoting live culture, encourages rapid breakdown of organic substances.





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