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OWC (organic waste converter) is a bulk composting solution for apartments, hotels and institutions to convert organic waste like kitchen waste & garden waste to organic manure. It comprises of Pulvariser, Bioculam & Digestors.


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Just as our mouth grinds the food for faster digestion, riteways Pulverizer is designed for fine grinding at high speed. Kitchen & Garden waste (including bones & coconut shells)  is fed through hopper and pulverized waste gets collected in a suitable container for further distribution to TALLBOY™ BioBins.


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Our bacteRITE™ bioculam (composting bacteria) comprises of bacterial & fungal strains that can quickly digest Cellulose & Lignin. Also, the facultative microbes in bacteRITE™ help carry out digestion aerobically. As a result, we are able to decompose all the pulverized material quickly and with out any foul odour.


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Designed for producing high quality compost without foul odour and flies, TALLBOY™ BioBins are open structured containers that allow breathing of digestable material. The natural draft of air through the breathing mass allows aerobic digestion. No leachate, No flies, No pests. Our BioBins produce fully digested, rich brown, earthy smell compost, ready to use.


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TALLBOY™ OWC produces fully digested, rich brown, earthy smell compost, ready to use.
Sow a seed in TALLBOY™ compost, it will germinate.

Why Compost and what’s Compost?

Current agricultural practices & excessive grazing has degraded soils & ecological systems. Food experts are increasingly warning that the world is entering the beginning stages of global & long term food crisis. Our soils today, need more & more organic matter, more & more biomass.

Decomposition of organic matter results in Humus and Composting needs to become the mantra for everyone – every home gardener, every food producer. Kitchen waste needs to be kept away from mixing in to garbage. Current practice of dumping everything in to landfills needs to stop, landfills generate Methane which is 23 times more harmful than Co2.

Compost doesn’t actually feed the plant, it feeds the soils, it feeds the soil organisms. You will feed in the organisms and their extradites and their interactions feed the plants.


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