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riteways Pulveriser 2

Smaller the size, Faster the digestion


Pulverizer has been a widely used machine in Indian Food, Agro and Hotel industry for grinding Dal, Chutney, Dosa etc. This machine has been in existence over last few decades. Our design process tested several machines for grinding waste and Pulveriser was able to meet our grain size requirement. Shredders could not do fine grinding.

At riteways, we modify this machine to deliver high output speed of about 100 to 200 Kg/hr. We have retained its simple yet powerful design design features. Easy to operate and very low maintenance. We supply with spring anti vibration mounts, hence does not require any anchoring or foundation. Plug & play type, installation is just a few minutes job.



riteways Pulveriser 4

It grinds hard pieces like egg shells, bones, wood chips and even coconut shells. While feeding the wet waste, fresh compost harvested from the system is used as an absorbent to dry the incoming waste. Fresh compost which has multiplied colonies of bacteRITE™ strains acts as a good source of bacteria.


riteways Pulveriser 3

Kitchen and garden waste is fed through machine hopper and collected in the output crate. Pulverizer grinds the waste to a very fine size of 0.5 to 1mm. Last minute segregation like Gutka sachets and other unwanted stuff is possible due to manual feeding from the hopper. Output from the Pulverizer is a homogenized mix thoroughly infested with bacteria.


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