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rejuWATER™ Soil BioFiltration Sewage Treatment Plant


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Soil BioFiltration

A method of revitalization of sewage by harnessing ecological processes to bring about natural rejuvenation. Someone’s waste becomes other’s food is the concept behind such systems. The aerobic or anaerobic methods to treat wastewater consume Dissolved Oxygen (DO), which is a vital element for marine life. Increase in DO levels, triggers biological recurrence and rejuvenation.

Raw sewage trickles down the soil layered rejuWATER™ pots (modules), the reeds planted in top soil layer feed Oxygen to the module. Microbiology of the soil layer brings about the necessary BOD/COD reduction. Treated water is collected from the bottom of modules and polished if required.




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COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) & BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) are two main parameters to determine the organic load in wastewater.



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To digest this organic load, heterotrophic microorganisms, such as aerobic, anaerobic, facultative & micro-aerophillic are grown depending on the amount of utilisable organic carbon and availability of energy source in the wastewater system. Bioconversion, biodegradation biotransformation by the type of organism would depend upon presence or absence of Oxygen in the system.


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Solar powered:

Ideal for places without electricity or irregular electricity supply.

Space saving:

Small footprint, integrates in to landscaping and garden space.

Low maintenance:

No moving parts, only a gardener is required to run & maintain the STP.

Quick installation:

Built with IBC containers, proprietary Soil BioFiltration design.

Modular & Portable:

Capacity can be increased just by adding more modules.

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