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MTS (microbial treatment services)

To make good quality compost from organic wastes, requires understanding the microbiological processes. Our team is trained and experienced to get the job done efficiently. The compost quality is tested in our lab and distributed to the organic gardening/farming community.

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STP functioning properly is dependent on many factors, that require a skilled operation. With our tools we are able to simplify the process, making it possible to engage your own unskilled staff to run the STP.

Our services are supervisory in nature to ensure things are in control. We charge per visit.

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MTS is available for:
1. Foul odour control.
2. Sludge reduction in sewage treatment plants to reduce sludge handling and cleaning costs.
3. Foul odour control and sludge reduction in grease pits.
4, Sludge reduction service for sewer lines.

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